Designing for 21st century learning

The deliberation about teaching excellence has deepened and become increasingly politicised in recent times as the knowledge society and global competition have arisen. Teaching excellence is now a fundamental element of higher education policies and institutional strategies. High quality teaching would be most likely when academics participate in continuous learning about teaching in their field, experiment and implement ideas they attain from that learning or from their own reflections on their fresh teaching. However, what exactly is teaching excellence? There has yet to be a universal agreement on precisely what is it that academics need improving.

Further, while the need for new education technologies is heightening, the process of disseminating these innovations remains a challenge.  The greater adoption of education innovations is multifaceted and cannot be presumed to be linear. There innovations differ in complexity and expand under diverse conditions with contrasting structural supports. The ecological model places emphasis on striving for sufficing standards and tacit understandings to allow innovations and cultures of innovation to spread across the system. Growth of innovations would therefore be evolutionary.

As such, QS and BINUS University have come together to organise QS WorldClass 2020 under the theme of “Learning, Teaching, Technology and Innovation”. This exclusive seminar is organised with the objective of leveraging on the knowledge and expertise of global higher education leaders and professionals for the pursuit of excellence in teaching and learning, and adoption of practices that promote innovation.

Be part of this transformative journey by joining us in Malang, Indonesia this April 2020!

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